Welcome to the flavor graveyard, where all of our retired flavors have laid to rest... except when we hear from you!!! If there is a flavor on this list you would like to see again this summer, send it in on our contact page! 

Flavor Graveyard:

  1. ​About Figgin' Time: African Vanilla ice cream with fig reserves and superfine sugar. A real fig newton cookie is placed on top of every cone. 
  2. Absolute Nuts: Vanilla ice cream base with Cashew halves, peanuts, candied pecans, real vanilla bean "specs," butter flavor, & salty caramel swirl. Fifth place winner at the 2018 Ice Cream Social!
  3. Acai Banana: (Pronounced ah-sah-ee) A small, round black-purple fruit from the Amazon in Brazil. The Acai (also known as Jussara) is considered an anti-oxidant and an energizer. The Acai ice cream is mixed with banana puree.
  4. Aztec Chocolate: Vanilla ice cream, flavored with Hershey's chocolate syrup, cinnamon & a little Paprika. The dark chocolate flakes & bacon bits were marinated in Ghost Of Christmas Past Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce.
  5. Bada Bing: Bing Cherry Vanilla.
  6. Bacon: African Vanilla ice cream with actual pieces of bacon. Made on the TV Food Network show "Unwrapped" during fall of 2008.
  7. Bacon de Leche: Dulce de Leche ice cream with tons of bacon, candied pecans, and a caramel swirl. This flavor was a big hit at the Rehoboth Beach Bacon Festival!
  8. Bacon, Maple with Jack Daniels: Our famous Bacon ice cream mixed with maple syrup and the ultimate breakfast food Jack Daniels.
  9. Banana Caramel: Caramelized banana ice cream mixed with brown sugar and a caramel swirl throughout.
  10. Banana Chocolate Nut: Milk Chocolate ice cream with crushed bananas added to it and Black Walnuts mixed in.
  11. Banana Fana Foo Pudding: Banana pudding ice cream with crushed vanilla wafers.
  12. Beach Plum: Vanilla ice cream mixed with actual Beach Plums, with a little lime juice and a dash of orange blossom honey.
  13. Banana with Peanut Butter: Banana ice cream made with real bananas and swirled with tons of peanut butter.
  14. Beans, Greens, Tomatoes, PotatoesThanksgiving Dinner Ice Cream- African vanilla ice cream with pasteurized egg yolks, Castor (superfine) sugar. Heinie Hurtn' Hot Sauce and Campbell's tomato juice. 
  15. Beer Ice Cream: Creamy cappuccino coffee ice cream with microbrewed Indian Brown Ale from Dogfish Head Brewery, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.
  16. Before and After: Grape ice cream with lots of raisins mixed in.
  17. Ben Franklin's Spicy Hot Chocolate: Milk Chocolate ice cream, flavored with European cinnamon and African Mombasa pepper sauce (You Can't Handle This Hot Sauce). From an original recipe of Ben Franklin's, from the early 1800's.
  18. Berry Potter and The Ice Cream of Secrets: African vanilla ice cream with Pomegranate, Dragonfruit and blueberries.
  19. Blackberry Cobbler: Blackberry flavored Cake Batter ice cream mixed with real blackberry cobbler chunks.
  20. Black Crack: Vanilla ice cream made with Obis One Black Crack Black Garlic, pasteurized egg yolks, brown sugar and a strawberry ribbon!
  21. Black Forest: Milk chocolate ice cream with small chocolate chips and dark Oregon sweet cherries.
  22. Blood Orange Mango Ice Cream: African Vanilla with Blood Orange Juice, puree & flavoring, a pinch of salt, superfine sugar and mango flavoring. The recipe came from a great gelato maker in the Chelsea Market in New York City.
  23. Boston Cream Pie: Creamy French Vanilla ice cream with a giant fudge ripple. Finished 4th in the 2012 Ice Cream Social Tasting Event. Winner of the Woodside Farms Creamery best new flavor contest!
  24. Breakfast: Brown Shugah Vanilla ice cream, flavored with maple syrup, with tons of bacon mixed in.
  25. Breakfast in Bed: African Vanilla ice cream with pasteurized egg yolks, real maple syrup, and of course BACON!
  26. Brown Shugah Vanilla: Our creamy African Vanilla ice cream, made with Turbinado brown sugar. The recipe came from a little ice cream shop in downtown Atlanta, and we kept the spelling just the way they had it there.
  27. Butter Beer Ice Cream: Florean Fortescue's recipe, with Butterscotch ice cream, pasteurized egg yolks, a little pumpkin pie spice, a little Turbinado brown sugar & a ribbon of butterscotch.
  28. Butter Brickle Toffee: Butter ice cream scattered with toffee pieces and almond chips.
  29. Butterscotch: Butterscotch flavored Cake Batter ice cream with butterscotch swirl.
  30. Buttery Pecan Crunch: We wanted to make the best Butter Pecan ice cream in existence. This recipe came from an ice cream parlor in Denton, Texas, where the secret to making it better was that we had to follow the original recipe, which called for a "s**tload" of real butter. We also added many more pecans.
  31. Cake Batter with Reese's Cups: Cake batter ice cream with crushed Reese's cups & peanut butter swirl. 1st place at the May, 2011 customer tasting party! 
  32. Candied Ginger: African Vanilla ice cream with finely grated ginger root & chopped candied ginger. Be ready to add sushi grade seaweed to the top of the cone.
  33. Cardamon Kulfi: African vanilla ice cream flavored with Cardamon spice, chopped pistachio nuts & a pinch of salt. We also made it a little green.
  34. Catching Fire: Orange colored African Vanilla ice cream with orange juice, mango & a strawberry swirl. A real scorpion will be placed on top of each cone.
  35. Cereal Milk Ice Cream: Our gold Medal winning vanilla ice cream made with emulsified Corn Flakes and Captain Crunch cereal. From Momofuku Milk Bar in Manhattan.
  36. Cherry Coke: Sweet cream ice cream mixed with cherry coke syrup and Oregon black cherry halves.
  37. Chocolate Addiction Goes Nuts: Serious Chocolate Addiction Ice Cream with whole and chopped pecans added in.
  38. Chocolate Banana: Our Gold Medal winning milk chocolate ice cream with banana puree and chunks of banana.
  39. Chocolate Brownie Batter: Milk chocolate ice cream mix is mixed with real brownie batter mix (no eggs are used.) Strong taste of actual brownie batter. Won the third place ribbon at the 2008 Rehoboth Beach Chocolate Festival.
  40. Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: Milk Chocolate ice cream with chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough.
  41. Chocolate Chocolate Thunder: The absolute best chocolate ice cream that we could make. Milk Chocolate ice cream blended with dark chocolate, white chocolate, fudge, and strong African vanilla extract. Won second place ribbon at the 2008 Rehoboth Beach Chocolate Festival.
  42. Chocolate Coconut: Milk Chocolate ice cream with shaved coconut and toasted coconut.
  43. Chocolate Covered Bacon: We use the famous bacon ice cream as the base and then fold in pieces of freshly pan-fried bacon that has been dipped in our enrobing chocolate & then frozen
  44. Chocolate Flake Cheesecake: Milk Chocolate ice cream with heavy cheesecake flavoring and chocolate flakes added.
  45. Chocolate Hazelnut: Our Gold Medal winning milk chocolate ice cream with Hazelnut/Filbert flavoring as well as chopped Hazelnuts.
  46. Chocolate Oreo Cookie: Milk Chocolate ice cream with crushed Oreo cookies.
  47. Chocolate Red Velvet Brownie: Cake Batter ice cream flavored with chocolate red velvet, with a wide Brownie batter ripple.
  48. Chocolate Rum Raisin: Chocolate ice cream flavored with rum. Chocolate covered raisins and rum soaked raisins are added to the ice cream.
  49. Chunky Pineapple: A vanilla ice cream base with tons of real pineapple chunks and a little real pineapple juice added.
  50. Church Ladies Elderberry: Vanilla ice cream mixed with strawberries, plums and of course anti-Oxidant elderberries.
  51. Cinnamon Bun: Cake batter ice cream, flavored with cinnamon and brown sugar. With butterscotch swirled throughout. 
  52. Cioccolato Scuro (Bittersweet Chocolate): Rich, black and serious dark chocolate custard, mixed with dark chocolate flakes, dark cocoa and vanilla extract.
  53. Coconut Coconut Coconut: Coconut flavored ice cream with shaved coconut added in and toasted coconut.
  54. Coffee Break: A very strong coffee/espresso ice cream with mini chocolate chips, pieces of cookie dough and brownie pieces.
  55. Cola Vanilla: The famous African vanilla ice cream flavored with actual Coca Cola syrup. This recipe came from an ice cream parlor in New Orleans.
  56. Cold Brewed Coffee Ice Cream: Creamy coffee ice cream is mixed with authentic, home-brewed Cold Brewed coffee from Mug & Spoon (up the street), a little salt, superfine sugar, & chocolate covered espresso beans. A fudge ripple is running though it. Third place winner at the 2018 Ice Cream Social! 
  57. Cookie Butter: Cake Batter ice cream with real Specaloos Belgian Cookie Butter (a sweet, creamy spreadable treat made from the crushed cookies) mixed in. Also with pasteurized egg yolks & a pinch of salt. Came in second place at the 2016 Ice Cream Social!
  58. Cookie Dough Rock Slide: Cake batter ice cream with cookie dough, fudge, and a peanut butter swirl.
  59. Cookie Dough with Crushed Oreo Cookies: Exactly like it sounds, start with the best chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and add smashed Oreo cookies.
  60. Cornbread Ice Cream: Cake Batter ice cream with extra Superfine sugar and cornbread mix!
  61. Crabula: The OFFICIAL ice cream of the 2017 Rehoboth Beach Sea Witch Festival. African Vanilla ice cream colored bright red, with chocolate flakes and halved Oregon Black Cherries. NEW FOR 2017!
  62. Crack My Bacon: Our famous Crack ice cream with pieces of real bacon.
  63. Cranberry Cookie: Cookie Dough ice cream with cranberries, cranberry swirl, & white chocolate chips.
  64. Crave The Jackfruit Ice Cream: African Vanilla ice cream with coconut milk, diced jackfruit, Superfine sugar and a pinch of salt.
  65. Cucumber, Watermelon, Tajin: African Vanilla ice cream made with authentic Mexican Tajin powder with watermelon and cucumber flavorings. Every cone has tajin powder sprinkled on top.  
  66. Dark Chocolate Raspberry: Dark Chocolate ice cream with raspberry filled chocolate cups added to the ice cream and raspberry ribboned throughout.
  67. Darkside of the Spoon: Dark chocolate ice cream with Blueberry flavoring. Mini marshmallows, orange blossom honey, & a raspberry swirl. This flavor idea came in to our website from David Garner. Second place winner of the 2018 Ice Cream Social! 
  68. Diesel Fuel: Dark Chocolate ice cream with coffee flavoring, cinnamon and espresso beans covered with dark chocolate.
  69. Dip Your Fries: Any flavor or combination of our ice cream flavors topped with piping hot French fries.
  70. Dirt: Milk chocolate ice cream with crushed Oreo cookies & gummi worms. And, if you wish, it is topped with a 'real' worm snack. A kids flavor originated at Woodside Creamery in Hockessin, Delaware!​
  71. Dolles Caramel Popcorn with Peanuts: Brown Shugah Vanilla ice cream with lots of freshly made Dolles Caramel Corn and peanuts mixed into the ice cream.
  72. Dolly Madison Strawberry: This is the original recipe for ice cream as we know it today! From Aunt Sally Shedd in the early 1800s, made famous at a White House banquet. Sweet Cream ice cream made with juice from sugared strawberries. We made this historic flavor on the History TV Channel!
  73. Dollywood-Go Up One Cup Size: This white ice cream is creamy vanilla ice cream with peppermint flavoring, mini chocolate chips & crushed Oreo cookies. The recipe originated at an ice cream store in Nashville, Tennessee.
  74. Down On The Ranch: Vanilla ice cream flavored with Ranch dressing.
  75. Elvis-The Fat Years: Chunky banana ice cream with peanut butter swirl.
  76. Espresso Chip: Very strong coffee/espresso flavored ice cream with lots of mini chocolate chips. 
  77. Extreme Vanilla Bean: The best vanilla ice cream ever made! Madagascar Bourbon Island vanilla extract is mixed with Indonesian, Tahitian, and French vanillas. Real vanilla bean flakes are also added to the mix.
  78. Finding Dory Ice Cream: Bright blue Blueberry ice cream with lots of real blueberries and a ribbon of bright yellow. Fish Sprinkles will be put on the top of every serving- made especially for the Rehoboth Beach Goes Blue Festival.
  79. Forget Love, I Would Rather Fall In Chocolate: Milk Chocolate ice cream that won the Blue Ribbon for the perfect Milk Chocolate ice cream with the highest score in the country. 
  80. Fluffer Nutter: Peanut butter ice cream with marshmallow creme running throughout.
  81. Flying Elvis: Fresh Banana ice cream rippled with peanut butter and chunks of chocolate
  82. French Vanilla Bean: Vanilla ice cream made with pure Madagascar vanilla extract, from the Bourbon islands, as well as pure vanilla extract from Tahiti. Pasteurized egg yolks & real vanilla bean specks are added.
  83. Fresh Orange: Strong, Creamy Vanilla ice cream, made with fresh, natural orange juice.
  84. Frozen: Peppermint ice cream colored blue. Crushed Oreo cookies are added.
  85. Fruity Pebbles: African Vanilla ice cream with fruity pebbles cereal.
  86. Garlic Amaretto Chip: Amaretto flavored ice cream, colored red, with real chopped garlic and chocolate chips.
  87. Gingerbread Cookie: Cake batter ice cream with tons of hand broken gingerbread men.
  88. Gold Diggers Crunch Crunch: Vanilla Bean ice cream with swirls of butterscotch, swirls of caramel and chunks of broken up Hershey's chocolate bars and broken up Heath Bars, with chocolate syrup ribboned throughout.
  89. Grapenuts and Raisins: Sweet cream ice cream mixed with Grapeanuts cereal and raisins.
  90. Green Peppermint Oreo: Peppermint ice cream with mini chocolate chips and crushed Oreo cookies.
  91. Guanabana Ginger Lime: The Guanabana (pronounced: gwan-na-bahn-na), also known as Soursop in Jamaica, tastes like a creamy mixture of strawberry, pineapple & coconut mixed together. In this recipe, we mix it with ginger & lime juice.
  92. Guava Blueberry with Chocolate Flakes: Guava (pronounced: gwa-vah) has a musky sweet taste and is a major source of Vitamin C. Here we mix it with blueberry puree and add in sweet chocolate flakes.
  93. Hazelnut Coffee: Coffee ice cream with Hazelnut flavoring and chocolate chips.
  94. Heaps Of Love: Creamy vanilla ice cream with everything! Chocolate, brownies, Oreo, pecans and cookie dough.
  95. Himalayan Goji Juice with Orange Blossom: (pronounced: go-gee). Orange Blossom Honey is made by a colony of bees that are placed in the orange groves in Florida, making this honey especially thick and juicy, with an explosion of citrus flavor. The authentic Asian Goji berries are said to increase your energy level and to be an anti-aging force.
  96. Honey Fig: African Vanilla ice cream with Natural Orange Blossom Honey and pureed purple figs.
  97. Hot Damn Raisins: Hot Damn Schnapps flavored African Vanilla ice cream, with pureed raisins that have been soaked in Jack Daniels Bourbon overnight.
  98. Hugh Jass Flavor: Vanilla ice cream flavored with geranium flower extract, as well as juicy red raspberries.
  99. I Have A Dreamsicle: Sweet cream vanilla ice cream flavored as an orange creamsicle.
  100. I Scream For Nerds: Cake batter ice cream with multi-colored Nerds candy.
  101. I'll Tell You What I Want, What I Really Really Want Curry/Ginger Ice Cream: African vanilla ice cream mixed with authentic South Asian curry powder & ginger.
  102. Jamaican Strawberry: Strawberry ice cream mixed with guava and guanabana also known as soursop.
  103. Junk In The Trunk: African Vanilla ice cream with brownie pieces, pretzel pieces, crushed Oreo cookies and pieces of white chocolate and dark chocolate.
  104. Key Lime Sorbet: Tart, Key lime flavored non-dairy sorbet.
  105. King Kong: Chocolate ice cream with bananas and crushed oreos.
  106. Kitchen Sink: Milk Chocolate ice cream with spiced brownies, chocolate chip cookie dough, Guinness Stout & toffee crunch. This flavor comes from Ample Hills Creamery in Manhattan, NYC. 
  107. Kiwi: A smooth African Vanilla ice cream made with real kiwi fruit.
  108. Kiwi Do You Love Me: African vanilla ice cream with kiwi flavoring, a tiny bit of strawberry flavoring & cut up actual dehydrating kiwi pieces. NEW FOR 2019!
  109. Latte Da: Cappuccino Coffee ice cream with added caffeine and energy drink.
  110. Lemon Chiffon: Tart lemon chiffon ice cream with marshmallow creme.
  111. Lemon Coconut: Lemon chiffon ice cream with coconut flavoring and coconut pieces.
  112. Lemon Poppyseed: Lemon Chiffon ice cream with lemon oil, superfine sugar, and poppyseeds.
  113. Lemon Raspberry Shandy Ice Cream: Lemon Chiffon ice cream mixed with Shock Top Lemon Shandy & blackberries. With a blueberry ribbon throughout.
  114. Lemongrass Coconut: Vanilla ice cream with lemongrass, Annato extract & coconut.
  115. Lick Me, I'm Delicious: Milk chocolate ice cream with nougat, chocolate caramel, sea salt, orange blossom honey, & cocoa nibs. 
  116. Lollipop: Vanilla ice cream with multi-colored (and flavored) lollipop pieces.
  117. Look At My Dab Ice Cream: African vanilla ice cream with Ghiradelli white chocolate (from San Francisco) white  chocolate chips & a dark fudge swirl. Do the dance with Pam.
  118. Looks Like Viagra: Orange pineapple ice cream that happens to be colored blue. A Mid-western ice cream parlor favorite. AKA-Cialis  AKA-Blue Moon.
  119. Lynthwaite's Farm Authentic Recipe Fresh & Rich Vanilla Custard: this is the real thing!
  120. Malted Milk Ball: Vanilla ice cream flavored with dry malt powder, with pieces of Hershey's Malted Milk Balls mixed into the ice cream.
  121. Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream: African Vanilla ice cream with Matcha Green Rea powder, sugar & a pinch of salt. NEW FOR 2017.
  122. Memphis Barbecue: African vanilla ice cream with Texas Rib Rangers spicy BBQ sauce.
  123. Menage a Trois: Peanut butter ice cream with semi-large pieces of strawberries & a marshmallow swirl. Strawberry marshmallow fluff will be put on top of the cone.
  124. Mental Floss for Trailer Trash: Vanilla ice cream with Oreo, Twix, Butterfinger, Nestle Crunch, M&M's & Reese's Pieces.
  125. Midnight Snack: Coffee ice cream with peanut butter swirl, chocolate chunks and crushed graham crackers.
  126. Milk Chocolate Butter Pecan: Butter pecan ice cream mixed together with milk chocolate ice cream.
  127. Milk Chocolate Buttery Salted Caramel: Milk chocolate ice cream, flavored with caramel praline pecan, sea salt & salted butter. Candied pecan pieces are added. Fourth place winner at the 2015 Ice Cream Social.
  128. Milk Chocolate Jack Daniels: Milk Chocolate ice cream infused with authentic Jack Daniels Whiskey that has been marinated overnight with grapes!
  129. Mint Milano: Spearmint ice cream with broken up Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies and ribboned with chocolate fudge.
  130. Minty Python: Milk chocolate ice cream with peppermint flavoring, mixed with broken up York peppermint patties and mini chocolate chips. Each cone is topped with a real York Peppermint Patty.
  131. Mocha Ice Cream with Espresso Beans Covered with Dark Chocolate: Milk Chocolate ice cream flavored with coffee & white chocolate. With dark chocolate covered real espresso beans. 
  132. Mojito: (pronounced moe-heat-toe) Mint flavored ice cream made with lime juice, sugar and of course, Jamaican rum.
  133. Moo Moo More Fruit: Raspberry ice cream with peaches and strawberries.
  134. Mountain Dew: African vanilla mixed with Mountain Dew syrup & real orange juice.
  135. My Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Store: Blue Ribbon Milk Chocolate Ice Cream with Madagascar vanilla extract and dark chocolate flakes. A ribbon of milk chocolate runs throughout the ice cream.
  136. Natural Oreo Cookie: When we mix the actual Oreos into the ice cream in the beginning, we get a dull, gray coloring when finished.
  137. Nutty Cake Batter: Cake batter ice cream mixed with lots of peanuts, cashews, almonds, & pecans.
  138. Nutty Tyra: Cake Batter ice cream with triple the amount of chocolate chip cookie dough pieces peanuts, cashews, almonds & pecans. Originally made for the Tyra Banks TV Show.
  139. On Fleek: Vanilla ice cream, flavored with cinnamon & caramel. Candied pecans are added in. 
  140. Oreo Cake Batter Ooey Gooey: Cake batter ice cream with crushed Oreo Cookies & swirled with caramel & with chocolate fudge. Winner of the 2010 Ice Cream Social! AKA-Ooey Gooey.
  141. Oreo Speedwagon Ice Cream: Coffee ice cream with crushed Oreo cookies & a chocolate ribbon 
  142. Passion Fruit Strawberry: Passion fruit (also known as maracuja) ice cream mixed with fresh strawberries.
  143. P-Cubed: Pistachio ice cream with peanut butter swirled throughout. Pineapple chunks and Pistachio nuts are added.
  144. Peach Melba: Extreme Vanilla Bean/ Peach ice cream with peaches & a raspberry ribbon.
  145. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Fudge: Peanut Butter Ice Cream with mini chocolate chips and a ribbon of chocolate fudge.
  146. Peanut Butter Malted Milk Ball: Peanut Butter ice cream with peanut butter malted milk balls added into the ice cream and peanut butter swirled throughout.
  147. Pear Green Tea: Imported green tea ice cream with a subtle fresh pear infusion.
  148. Pear Sorbet: Smooth, non-dairy mixture, made with Bartlett pear.
  149. Peeps: African Vanilla ice cream colored bright yellow. With marshmallow flavoring & crystalized sugar. Pieces of actual Peeps candy running all through the ice cream.
  150. Philly Butter Cake: Cake Batter ice cream with pasteurized eggs, superfine sugar, vanilla extract, a lot of butter and a pinch of salt.
  151. Photo Bomb: Milk Chocolate Ice Cream, mixed with caramel. We add in bittersweet chocolate flakes & pieces of cookie dough. First place winner of the 2018 Ice Cream Social! 
  152. Pikachu: Yellow African Vanilla ice cream with a strawberry swirl and mini chocolate chips.
  153. Piña Colada: Coconut ice cream with coconut flakes & crushed pineapple. Rum flavoring is also added.
  154. Pineapple Rightside-up Cake: Cake Batter ice cream with crushed pineapple, ground cinnamon, a little ground ginger, caramel, and pieces of Maraschino cherries. Seventh place winner at the 2018 Ice Cream Social! 
  155. Pink Mint Chocolate Chip with Crushed Oreo and Cookie Dough: Just what it sounds like, a great mixture of all four flavors (also made with peppermint extract).
  156. Pomegranate Chocolate Chip: The pomegranate is a sweet and tart fruit with a taste similar to the cranberry. Pomegranates are high in Vitamins A, C and E and are great sources of flavonoids and anti-oxidants. Dark, sweet chocolate chips.
  157. Praline Pecan: Brown Shugah Vanilla ice cream with praline flavoring, caramel ribboned all thru and tons of crushed pecans added in.
  158. Protein Ice Cream: Milk Chocolate ice cream with Pro Performance 100% Whey Protein and almond butter. NO added sugars and NO salt. 
  159. Raspberry Chocolate Thunder: Chocolate Chocolate Thunder ice cream with raspberry rippled throughout. Winner 2009 Rehoboth Beach Chocolate Festival.
  160. Raspberry Mint Chip: Black Raspberry ice cream with mint flavoring.
  161. Rocky Peppermint Road: Milk chocolate ice cream with miniature marshmallows and nuts. The peppermint comes from crushed candy canes. Won first place ribbon at the 2008 Rehoboth Beach Chocolate Festival, and 2009 2nd place ribbon.
  162. Rose Petal: African vanilla ice cream with Rose & Hibiscus flavoring. Pasteurized egg yolk and Mango.
  163. Salty Milk Chocolate: Milk chocolate ice cream with ribbon of fudge throughout, mixed with sea salt, crushed Oreo cookies and crushed heath bars.
  164. Samoa: Coconut flavored Milk Chocolate ice cream with flakes of coconut and a heavy caramel ripple. My attempt to match the Girl Scout Cookie.
  165. Scarlett O'Hara: Old fashioned, candy apple ice cream, colored bright red.
  166. Secret Saturday Night Live Ice Cream: Extreme Vanilla Bean ice cream with a hint of rum, malted milk balls and swirled fudge. Ask us about the TV show silliness!
  167. Shiso Pretty: Coconut ice cream with Shiso leaf (think of it as a cross between Japanese mint & basil) powder, nectarine flavoring & a little bit of honey. 
  168. Sirius Black: Dark chocolate ice cream with red raspberry ripple. Made even blacker with food coloring.
  169. Smoky Chocolate: Milk Chocolate ice cream with Orange Blossom honey and smoke flavoring.
  170. S'mores: Milk Chocolate ice cream with white covered mini marshmallows mixed into the ice cream fudge ribboned throughout, and graham cracker hand broken pieces mixed in throughout.
  171. Spearmint: Yellow colored Spearmint flavored vanilla ice cream with pasteurized egg yolks, a pinch of salt and mini chocolate chips.
  172. Spongebob: African Vanilla ice cream colored bright yellow, with a green colored caramel ribbon. AKA Jack Lingo. 
  173. Stifler's Mom: Brown Shugah Vanilla ice cream with Cayenne pepper powder, candied pecans, and a caramel ribbon.
  174. Strawberry Balsamic: Strawberry ice cream made with ultra fine sugar, Balsamic vinegar & finely ground Black pepper.
  175. Strawberry Oreo: Smooth strawberry ice cream with tons of sliced strawberries and crushed Oreo cookies.
  176. Strawberry, Strawberry, Strawberry: Strawberry ice cream, colored bright red, with pieces of strawberries and strawberry ribbon running throughout.
  177. Sunflower Seed & Granola with Honey: Vanilla ice cream chocked full of roasted, toasted sunflower seeds & granola. Orange Blossom honey added in.
  178. Tea with Honey & Lemon Ice Cream: African Vanilla ice cream made with brewed tea, Orange Blossom Honey, and lemon.
  179. Thai Coconut Ice Cream: Coconut milk/ vanilla ice cream made with sugared coconut flavoring and flakes.
  180. The Sweetest Tasting Thing: Mango flavored ice cream with lime, coconut and orgeat.
  181. The Swirl With The Dragon Cashews: African Vanilla ice cream with a salty caramel swirl. Cashews & real vanilla bean specs are added in.
  182. Third Trimester: Peanut Butter ice cream with bananas and chocolate swirl.
  183. This Is The Ice Cream Your Parents Warned You About: Coffee ice cream with Kahlua coffee liqueur & Bailey's Irish Cream.
  184. Thunder and Lightning: Chocolate, Chocolate Thunder ice cream mixed with dark chocolate. With a marshmallow swirl & mini white chocolate chips. 2015 winner at the Rehoboth Beach Chocolate Festival and at the 2015 Polar Bear Plunge.
  185. Tiger Tail: Orange creamsicle ice cream with caramel (colored pitch black and flavored with licorice) running through it.
  186. Toasted Butter, Almond, and Cherry: African Vanilla ice cream with halved Oregon black cherries, toasted almonds, and butter flavor. Fourth place winner at the 2018 Ice Cream Social! 
  187. Traffic Jam: Strawberry and African vanilla with peaches, strawberry swirl, cranberries, and black cherries.
  188. Twilight Apple: Cake Batter ice cream, apple flavored and colored pink with bright red (looks like blood) raspberry swirl. Made for Browseabout Books when the Twilight novel debuted.
  189. Unleash The Green Fairy: Licorice flavored, African Vanilla ice cream, made with authentic Absinthe liquor, salt, mini chocolate chips & sugared, pasteurized egg yolks.
  190. Uptown Funk: Milk chocolate Ice Cream with smashed nougat (three musketeers bars), organic Cocoa Nibs, orange blossom honey, sea salt, and caramel. Sixth place winner in the 2018 Ice Cream Social! 
  191. Watermelon Sorbet: Also dairy free and made with real watermelon fruit and watermelon flavoring.
  192. What Would Jimmy Buffett Do? It's 5 o'clock Somewhere: African Vanilla ice cream with cinnamon, superfine sugar, salt, Nassau Valley Red wine and Coca-Cola.
  193. White Lightning: White chocolate ice cream with ribbons of marshmallow.
  194. Yellow Brick Road: African vanilla ice cream, colored bright yellow, with crushed Oreo cookies and chocolate chunks.
  195. Vegan "Nice" Cream: A totally Vegan taste sensation, made with Coconut Milk. Madagascar Vanilla extract, almond flavoring and authentic organic cocoa nibs are added in. 
  196. White Wine: African Vanilla ice cream with Nassau Valley's Broadkiln White Wine, castor (superfine) sugar, orange juice and lemon juice.