Homemade Flavors:

  1. ​African Vanilla: The absolute best vanilla ice cream that we could make. Extremely smooth and flavorful. The special vanilla extract comes from the Bourbon Islands, off the coast of Madagascar, which is off the east coast of Africa. 2018 #3 Best Seller.
  2. All Nighter: Coffee ice cream with chunks of cookie dough, crushed Oreo cookies, and a fudge swirl. Winner of the University of Delaware Ag Department best flavor contest. A real Oreo Cookie is placed on top of every cone. 2018 #16 Best Seller.
  3. Almond Joy: Coconut flavored ice cream with pieces of almonds and chocolate chips!
  4. Ask Me About Your Dog: Sweet Cream ice cream with NO added vanilla & NO added sugar. Made with banana & peanut butter. A dog biscuit can go on top of every cone, but this ice cream is great for humans too.
  5. Bacon Maple Crunch: Crack ice cream with actual pieces of bacon, and maple syrup. The final recipe came from the Ice Cream School at Penn State University, after we made homemade bacon ice cream at the American Royal World Barbecue Championships in Kansas City and finished 5th out of 500!
  6. Best Cake Ever: Cake Better ice cream blended with tons of rainbow sprinkles and a swirl of bright blue vanilla icing. NEW FOR 2019!
  7. Better Than Sex: Our special cake batter ice cream with Duncan Hine's Devils Food Cake Mix & African vanilla extract mixed into it. Crunched up Heath Bars are added to the mixture & fudge ribbons throughout. Won 3rd place at the 2009 Rehoboth Beach Chocolate Festival. 1st place at the May 2009 customer tasting party! The recipe originated in New Orleans with Tracey Alvarez. Featured and tasted on the Today Show. 2018 #2 Best Seller!
  8. Black Cherry Vanilla: African Vanilla ice cream stocked with big, plump, dark sweet cherries from Oregon. 2018 #18 Best Seller!
  9. Black Raspberry Blast: Black Raspberry Ice Cream with mini dark chocolate cups that are filled with Raspberry. 2018 #21 BEST SELLER
  10. Booger: Green colored Cake Batter ice cream with green colored caramel swirl, and marshmallow bits. Great for kids! Finished Second at the 2010 tasting event! Seen on NBC TV!
  11. Brownie Batter Oreo: Creamy vanilla ice cream base, with a box of brownie mix blended in & a lot of crushed Oreos are added. 2018 #9 Best Seller.
  12. ​Buttery Salted Caramel: Caramel praline pecan ice cream made with salted butter, and sea salt. So irresistible, you'll want to stick your finger in it. Made with extra pasteurized egg yolks. NICRA, at the national Show in Greenville, South Carolina, Buttery Salted Caramel won second place at the National Championship. 2018 #6 Best Seller.
  13. Cake Batter: The trick to making the best Cake Batter ice cream is to mix real Betty Crocker Yellow Cake Mix with the raw ice cream before pasteurization. We do not add the eggs and we fully mix the product first, so there is not a hint of gritty taste. 2018 #15 Best Seller.
  14. Cake Batter Cookie Dough: Sweet cake batter ice cream with authentic chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough. 2018 #12 Best Seller.
  15. Captain Crunch: Any flavor or combination of our ice cream flavors topped with Original Captain Crunch cereal, straight out of the cereal box.
  16. Cereal Killer: Any flavor of ice cream can be topped off with any or all of the on hand cereals: Captain Crunch, Fruity Pebbles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Trix, Rice Crispies, and Fruit Loops!
  17. ​Chocolate I Don't Give A Fork: Milk Chocolate ice cream with brownie pieces, pretzel pieces, crushed Oreo cookies, cookie dough & mini chocolate chips. A plastic fork is placed on top of every cone to make it easier to eat! Second Place at the 2015 Ice Cream Social. First place in the 2017 and 2018 Rehoboth Beach Chocolate Festival. 2018 #7 Best Seller.
  18. Cinn-Dough Rella: African Vanilla ice cream with cinnamon, cookie dough pieces, a light blue coloring, sea salt and a caramel swirl. NEW FOR 2019!
  19. Coconut: Coconut flavored ice cream with real shaved coconut flakes added. 2018 #20 Best Seller.
  20. ​Cookie Monster: Blue colored cotton candy flavored ice cream, with crushed Oreo cookies & pieces of chocolate chip cookie dough. This recipe won 1st place nationally in the candy category. Cookie Monster finished second at our May 2009 customer tasting party! 2018 #8 Best Seller!
  21. Crack: Brown Shugah Vanilla ice cream with pasteurized egg yolks, butter, and sea salt. Finished FIRST at our May 2013 customer tasting party. ABC TV talked about how Chip invented the Crack with food concept!  2018 #1 Best Seller!
  22. Creamy Strawberry: One of the favorite flavors at the Rehoboth Beach Farmers Market. A true, real strawberry concept! Fifth place winner at the 2015 Ice Cream Social! Winner of a National Blue Ribbon for strawberry ice cream at the NICRA show in Jacksonville, Florida.​
  23. Dark Chocolate Coffee with Peanut Butter: Milk chocolate ice cream flavored with a very strong coffee, joined with a peanut butter ripple and a rich fudge swirl. NEW FOR 2019!
  24. ​Death by Peanut Butter: African Vanilla ice cream mixed with authentic Skippy smooth peanut butter & ribbons of peanut butter. Mini peanut butter filled chocolate cups are added. The recipe won a national award for an ice cream store in Detroit! Winner of the 2015 Ice Cream Social. 2018 #10 Best Seller!
  25. Delaware Peach: Peach flavored ice cream with lots of real Delaware peaches added to it and the addition of nectarine puree. 2018 #17 Best Seller!
  26. Devil's Breath Carolina Reaper Pepper Ice Cream: Creamy vanilla ice cream base, colored bright red, and mixed with cinnamon & Ed's Carolina Reaper Pepper Mash! Ribbons of strawberry. You MUST sign a waiver before you can ever taste this flavor. 
  27. ​Golden Oreo Cookie: African Vanilla ice cream colored a pretty mermaid lilac with crushed golden oreo cookie. NEW FOR 2019!
  28. Green Mint Chocolate Chip with Crushed Oreos and Cookie Dough: Just what it sounds like, a great mixture of all four flavors (made with spearmint extract). 2018 #5 Best Seller!
  29. Holy Purple Cow: Raspberry ice cream with blueberry ribboned throughout. White and milk chocolate chips are added throughout. The recipe originated at an ice cream store in Boston.
  30. I Don't Give a Fork: African vanilla ice cream with brownie pieces, pretzel pieces, crushed Oreo cookies, cookie dough, and mini chocolate chips. A plastic fork is placed on top of every cone, to make it easier to eat, because it has so much stuff in it! 2018 #4 Best Seller!
  31. Jimmy's Cookie Jar: Brownie Batter Oreo ice cream with delicious cookie dough pieces added.
  32. ​Lavender: African vanilla ice cream with the real culinary Lavender flowers from Lavender Fields in Harbeson, DE and authentic Orange Blossom Honey.
  33. Madagascar Vanilla Bean: Vanilla ice cream made with the best, authentic vanilla extract from the Bourbon Islands, off of the east coast of Africa. We also put a giant scoopful of authentic Madagascar vanilla bean specs. 
  34. Mango Sorbet: Completely dairy free, mango fruit flavored (great for smoothies!).
  35. Mayan Chocolate Cinnamon: Milk chocolate ice cream infused with real cinnamon and charged with a wee bit of powdered Cayenne pepper.
  36. ​Milk Chocolate Blackout: Milk chocolate ice cream with crushed oreo cookies, brownie pieces, and a chocolate fudge swirl. 
  37. Milk Chocolate Crack: Milk chocolate ice cream with Turbinado brown sugar, butter, sea salt & pasteurized egg yolks.
  38. Milk Chocolate: National Champion creamy Milk Chocolate ice cream, winning a perfect score at the NICRA National Show in Nashville, Tennessee!
  39. Motor Oil: Smooth coffee ice cream with fudge ripple and caramel ripple, colored green. AKA-Bon Bon Jovi.
  40. ​Netflix & Chill: African vanilla ice cream, colored bright red, mixed with broken up Kit Kat bars & M&M's. With a dark chocolate ribbon throughout. Winner of the 2016 Ice Cream Social! 2018 #13 Best Seller.
  41. Nutella: African Vanilla ice cream mixed with Nutella. Aileen brought this flavor back from her internship in London! 2018 #11 Best Seller.
  42. Olive Oil Ice Cream: African vanilla ice cream with extra vanilla, mixed with 100% extra virgin Koroneiki olive oil from Crete, pasteurized egg yolks, Superfine sugar & English Maldon sea salt. This recipe came from an ice cream parlor in Providenciales. Fifth Place in the 2016 Ice Cream Social!
  43. ​Peanut Butter and Jelly: Peanut Butter ice cream with raspberry ribboned throughout.
  44. Peanut Butter Oreo Cookie: Creamy peanut butter ice cream with lots of crushed Oreo cookies. Second place at the 2012 Ice Cream Social!
  45. Peanut Butter with Caramel Brownie: Creamy Skippy peanut butter ice cream, waves of caramel ripple, and chunks of brownies. Third place winner at the 2010 Ice Cream Social! AKA: Yippee Skippy.
  46. Pop Rocks: Any flavor of ice cream can be used and we layer authentic Pop Rocks over the top of the ice cream. It really does pop in your mouth! Available Pop Rocks flavors include: Strawberry, Watermelon, and Bubblegum.
  47. Pumpkin Pecan: Pumpkin ice cream made with pumpkin pie filling and mixed with pecan pieces.
  48. Raspberry Sorbet: Dairy free, so that customers that are lactose intolerant will love it. A very rich raspberry flavor and dark raspberry color.
  49. ​Scaredy Cat: Milk chocolate ice cream, colored black, with dark chocolate & ribbons of raspberry mixed in. Official ice cream of the 2015 Sea Witch Festival! Seventh place winner in the 2015 Ice Cream Social!
  50. Serious Chocolate Addiction: Chocolate Chocolate Thunder ice cream with chocolate chunks added and fudge rippled throughout. 2018 - #14 Best Seller!
  51. Sharkenstein: Strawberry/ Peach ice cream with pieces of strawberries & a blueberry swirl. The Official ice cream of the 2016 Rehoboth Beach Sea Witch Festival.
  52. ​Squeezer: African vanilla ice cream, colored bright blue with crushed pineapple and a blueberry swirl. The official ice cream of the 2018 Sea Witch Festival. 
  53. Sweet Corn with Cinnamon: We use a sweet cream vanilla base and add real sweet, sugary corn to it. Every cone has cinnamon shaken over top of it. 
  54. This Ish is Off the Hook!: Crack ice cream with mini chocolate chips, brownie pieces, pecans, crushed Oreo cookies, and caramel swirl. 2017 #19 Best Seller.
  55. Turtle: Rich milk chocolate ice cream with caramel swirl and toasted pecans.
  56. ​Zombie: Blue Raspberry ice cream with strawberry (bloody) swirl, cut up gummi fingers and mini marshmallows. Third place at the May 2012 customer tasting party!